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Internet Tracking

internet tracking

Internet Tracking


Are you aware that everything you do on the web can be tracked right back to your computer through the utilization of your web custom address, which is a code assigned to your by your net Service supplier. You can protect your IP address by purchasing our Private Proxies Packs so you won't have to deal with  internet tracking. Your regular IP address is totally unique to you and your connection, at any particular time no-one else will be using the same IP address anywhere in the world and logs are kept of who is using what IP address and when they used it. 


You can already know about your IP address and are doing your best to protect yourself by employing a proxy server. A correctly configured proxy server will appear on the internet to be just another user.  While it will be feasible to track you back as far as the proxy server it will be most unlikely to go any farther, that is assuming it's a correctly configured substitute server and not one run by an evil web designer focused on cropping as much info as possible!


I'll highlight some of the issues and how you can best avoid them. Firstly how is your information sent?  Most public stand in servers work without encryption, this means that any info you send thru the substitute server is sent 'as is' so if you are typing in your bank login details and password then those will go thru the substitute server.  So be certain to never visit any sites which require your personal info while employing a stand in.  This includes your Mastercard details, so don't go buying anything over an unencrypted public substitute, if you do you might just as well publicize your card details in the local paper. it's not just perpetrators and hackers who use the info from proxies, you may be quite shocked how many established firms use such a method for consumer preference analysis. 


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If a gigantic retailer sets up an open proxy they can analyse the data going thru it, track your buying history and tailor specific marketing campaigns at once at you.  This might appear a bit extreme, but it's only an extension of the existing commitment card scheme, I presume you know that your supermarket faithfulness card only exists so they can track your spending patterns? Next go read through the proxy sites 'Terms and Conditions' as well as their 'Privacy Policy', if you do not like something or feel even the slightest level of suspicion move on!  If at all possible select a proxy which has a good reputation, one that IT experts use and that has a reputation for being safe.


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If you employing a public proxy it should be exactly that, completely public, they shouldn't need you to signup, to provide details of any sort.  Obviously this does not apply to non-public proxies where you are paying for a premium service, however still the data a private proxy should collect is less than that which is wanted to bill you for their services. If you think about your online security to have any price think about using a premium proxy service for cloaking your IP address, preferably one which operates with the highest levels of encryption available and which wipes all server logs so there is no record of even your encrypted activities.  There are a lot of proxy options available, but in truth very few which are actually worth using! 


You can use our proxy service with confidence !

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Usage of private proxies

Before you buy proxy or proxies you should check the list of services that we don't allow. As a condition of your use of the private proxies we provide, you warrant that you will not utilize the proxies for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by our terms, conditions, and notices.


We offer a month to month service. There is no contract or long term obligation. You are billed on a monthly basis, and if you cancel you will not be billed again. Currently, we only accept Paypal as a payment method but this is subject to change in the near future.

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