Frequently Asked Questions

Our mission is to offer you quality proxy services by providing you the best private proxies and any assistance you need or answers to your how to related questions regarding in order to fulfill your needs and expectations. Here are the main frequently asked questions categories.

Customer Support

We offer 24/7 assistance via live chat or email. The average response time via email is 12 hours.

Affiliates Payouts Dates

We pay our affiliates between 5-10 of every month. You need to have at least $50 in your account so that we can be able to send the affiliate payment.

Setup steps

Once you’ve registered on all you need to do is follow these instructions:

  • 1. Go to
  • 2. Login using your username and password (for personal plans they are only used for the login to the control panel – they will not work for proxy authentication).
  • 3. Auto Detect the IP address of the computer on which you want to use the proxies
  • 4. Click Save and Update
  • 5. Click "Plan IP List" and you will be directed to your proxy list or you can download it as .txt by hitting the “Download proxy list” button.

Do I need any configuration?

You don’t need any configuration. All you have to do is copy/paste the private proxies either in ip:port or ip:port:user:pass format in your software or browser and the proxies are ready to use.

How to setup a proxy with Internet Explorer ( IE )

  • 1. Open Internet Explorer
  • 2. Click “Tools” then go to Internet Options
  • 3. Click Connections, then click LAN settings
  • 4. Tick Use a proxy server for your LAN
  • 5. Type the proxy server address in the Address box
  • 6. Type the port in the Port box (the ports assigned by PFY always have 5 digits)
  • 7. If you’re using a SOCKS5 proxy click Advanced and type the proxy address and the port in the SOCKS field.
  • 8. Click OK

How to setup a proxy with Firefox

  • 1. Open Firefox
  • 2. Click the Firefox Menu and go to Options
  • 3. Click Advanced and then open Network
  • 4. Click on Settings
  • 5. When the Connection Settings window opens tick Manual Proxy Configuration
  • 6. If you’re using HTTP proxy type the proxy server address in the HTTP Proxy Field and the port number in the Port field
  • 7. Tick “Use this Proxy server for all protocols”
  • 8. If you’re using a SOCKS5 proxy type the proxy server address in the SOCKS Host field and the port number in the Port field right next to it. DO NOT tick “Use this proxy server for all protocols”
  • 9. Click OK

How to setup a proxy with Google Chrome

  • 1. Open Chrome
  • 2. Click the Chrome Menu
  • 3. Open Settings and click Show Advanced Settings
  • 4. Open the Network section and click Change Proxy Settings. The Internet Properties dialogue will pop up.
  • 5. Click Connections, then LAN settings
  • 6. Tick Use a proxy server for your LAN
  • 7. Type the proxy server address in the Address box
  • 8. Type the port number in the Port box
  • 9. If you’re using a SOCKS5 proxy click the Advanced button and type the proxy and the port in the SOCKS field.
  • 10. Click OK

What payment do you accept?

We only accept PayPal payments from PayPal accounts that have a credit card attached. We plan to add more payment methods so this is subject to change in the near future.

How can I get a discount?

Details about discounts and promotions are available on our website or on our social media pages. Contact us for custom deals in case you are interested in purchasing more than 500 private proxies.

Direct payment without subscription

Direct payments without subscription are accepted only for bigger orders. In this case you no longer need to have a credit card linked to your PayPal account. Contact us for more information.

Refund Conditions?

All sales are final. A potential refund is possible only in the event of a technical issue with our proxies. We do not refund any subscription for the inability to use proxies on a specific program or service. Our service can also be tested before purchase in order to avoid potential incompatibilities.

How to cancel your paypal subscription?

You can cancel your subscription only from your paypal account. Details to cancel your paypal subscription with us:

  • 1. Log in to your PayPal account.
  • 2. Click the My Account tab.
  • 3. Click the History sub tab.
  • 4. Click the Basic Search tab.
  • 5. Click More filters, select Subscriptions and agreements, and then click Subscriptions.
  • 6. Change the date back to the year the subscription was created, and then click Show.
  • 7. Click Details next to the subscription.
  • 8. Click Cancel Subscription.

Refund Request Policy

All sales are final. We do not refund any subscription for the inability to use proxies on a specific program or service. Our service can also be tested before purchase in order to avoid potential incompatibilities.

Your Private Proxy is not responsible for bot failures, bans or any other issues that may occur and that are not related directly to our proxy servers (down proxies). Results from bot proxy checkers and online proxy checkers that may indicate down or bad proxies will NOT be taken into account as they are not reliable testing tools. When in doubt please test your proxy in browser. More information on how to test your proxies in browser can be found in the FAQ section.

As a condition of your use of the proxies that we provide, warrants that you will not utilize the proxies for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by our terms, conditions and notices.

Service Restriction For Fraud

In any case of fraud attempts, will terminate your access to any part or all of the Service and any related service(s) at any time with or without notice, to be effective immediately.

Service Restriction For SMTP/POP3/IMAP Mailing does not allow the usage of of our services for SMTP/POP3/IMAP Mailing under any circumstances and the ports for these services are closed.

Error 407

This error suggests that your ISP IP is not whitelisted in our system. Log in to our website and autodetect your ISP IP. If your account is set to use IP authentication you won’t be able to use your proxies unless your IP is whitelisted in the client area.

Last Update:

Proxy & Socks5
Locations 29
Dedicated or private proxies, means that only you are using the IP addresses assigned to your account.

How to order proxies?

The process is very simple and straightforward. You select wich type of plan is right for you, add to shopping cart and pay. After the payment confirmation your account will be active and you may start using your private proxies in 5 minutes .

100% Compatibility with any software that support proxy or socks.

Our private proxies work with all browsers and operating systems and all bots that are working with HTTP/ HTTPS or SOCKS proxies satisfying all your compatibility requests.

Guarantee 3 Days Money Back with Instant Refund

We guarantee you that our private proxies will work for your purpose and business or we will gladly give you a risk free 3 days limited money back guarantee * see conditions.

No Censorship / File or Image Restrictions

Only by using our private and dedicated proxies you will have complete access to any website, you can access to all files available on the Internet without restrictions.

24/7 Customer Support Get Help When You Need It

Our technical support team is ready 24/7 to serve your online business, by e-mail and live chat at no additional cost. So don't hesitate to contact us for any question regarding our services.

High anonymous HTTP private proxies

All the private proxies we provide are high anonymous, elite proxies, support HTTP, HTTPS and SOCKS5 protocol. Our proxies protect our customers privacy and identity online.

Replacement options available for your proxy plan

Your IPs will not change, as long as you stay subscribed, you'll always have access to the same private proxies, or if you wish you can randomize your private proxies.

99.8% Reliable UNIX Network Uptime

UNIX uptime* gives you peace of mind knowing your online presence will be consistent. Improve your online experience only by using our private and dedicated proxies.

Multiple IP Subnets & Non-Sequential IP addresses

We offer you, ip addresses from various cities across the world so you can choose considering your needs. We take your online business to a higher level and we exceed your expectations.

Unlimited bandwidth with no restrictions

We offer unlimited bandwidth for our customers, up to 1GBPS connections and we guarantee that all the private proxies are ready to operate 24/7 for your business success.

Access your prefered FTP easily with your private proxies

Download files with the FTP protocol. You only have to paste your private proxies information and everything is already set for you. Easy and fast access to your FTP only by using our proxies.

No advertisement on your private proxies

No advertising of any kind on our anonymous private proxy service. We guarantee you professional and dedicated proxy services meaning to offer you 100% satisfaction.

Very fast dedicated servers, set to meet your online needs

Dedicated servers located in different datacenters from around the world, so you can choose whatever suits you. If you are looking to buy access to a proxy that fits this description, you are in the right place.
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